My previous carreer as a self-taught blacksmith brought me a good degree of success. Work from that period is represented in the Victoria & Albert Museum and other collections both at home and abroad. Click for Stuart Hill - Metalwork, a lavishly illustrated book on the work I was doing at that time.

I started using a camera regularly in 1977. It was used to record the blacksmithing work, then later to produce images from which to work. Currently I'm using a digital camera, but some of the earlier images were made with a Canon EOS film camera. I really enjoy the immediacy of the digital.

Although it is always good to get a perfect image, my work is more about the message rather than technical perfection. You don't always need the latest, most expensive equipment to capture the moment.

Shetland has been a rich source of inspiration since I arrived here in 2001 and I'm working on a number of projects.

  • I have been fascinated by lines in the Shetland landscape, both large and small scale, made by man and nature.
  • Death at Decca documents the decay and devastation around the abandoned Decca Station above Cunningsburgh.
  • The alternative Shetland view is portrayed in the Onset of Rain series.
  • EnvironMENTAL comments on abuse of the countryside and factory farming methods.
  • The Window on the World series views the world through narrow slots

Many photographs are taken specifically for cutting and slicing to make new images.

I hope you enjoy the work. If you would like to be kept up to date with new developments, please send your details.

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