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Extraordinary and intriguing award-winning images.

Stuart Hill:
"I intentionally try to blur the lines between photography and painting. The work presented here includes:

  • straight photographs, some of which are like abstract paintings
  • photographs cut and re-assembled to make new images
  • photographs used as the starting point for a digital painting
  • miniature paintings photographically enlarged to show microscopic detail.

Although all the manipulation of images is done digitally, I restrict myself to techniques replicable in a normal darkroom. I'm not afraid to defy convention and believe my work is at the cutting edge.
I hope you enjoy it"

Stuart lives in Shetland, the most northerly isles of the UK and finds constant inspiration in this wonderful part of the world.


Photographs - different themes run through this section - see below.
For categories choose: Landscape, Nature, Close-up, Abstract.

Pippa Stripes

U2 Rail

Photographs cut and re-formed into new images. Many of these confuse the eye with Escher-like perspectives and changes of orientation.

Cyprus Dawn


Photopaintings - using a photograph as the starting point to build a digital painting. The original photograph still exists, but suggestions of changed perspective, scale and orientation fool the eye.

Citadel Sun

Pipe Dream

Miniature paintings painted on acetate about 1" square are enlarged to reveal microscopic detail.

Kelp Forest

Eye of the Storm

A number of themes run through the work:

Death at Decca documents decay and destruction around an old wireless navigation station in Shetland.

Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs

Earth Surf

Shetland Lines is about lines in the landscape, both large and small scale.

South North Divide

Little Big Horn's Dream

EnvironMENTAL comments on the abuse of the environment for private gain.

For Peat's Sake

MOT Failure

Onset of Rain gives the alternative view of Shetland.

Onset of Rain - Lerwick 1

Onset of Rain - Lerwick 3

Window on the World tantalisingly views the world through narrow slots.

Window on the World

Sea Slot


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